What is the difference between SecureVideo and VSee?

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Published 02/01/2014 at 1:04am UTC

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We use VSee as one of our videoconferencing apps because it offers a secure, end-to-end-encrypted connection. However, the SecureVideo founders did not just want to provide a videoconferencing tool, but to accommodate critical needs that they identified in their own behavioral health practice: the need for highly responsive support, for ease of use by patients, and preventing patients from being joined into the same call.


NOTE: VSee Embedded and regular VSee are two different programs. VSee Embedded is an app designed (using the VSee API) to work specifically with SecureVideo.com, downloadable from our website. If you downloaded the regular application from the VSee.com website, it may not always work properly with our system. View our instructions on manually uninstalling and reinstalling VSee on Windows computers, and instructions on manually uninstalling and reinstalling the app on Mac computers.


Here are the 3 key differences between having a VSee and having a SecureVideo account, but for the full list of benefits SecureVideo offers, see our plan comparison chart.



1. No matter your plan, unlimited tech support and orientations are included.

SecureVideo provides free and unlimited technical support to all of our account holders and their clients, not just our paid subscribers.  You can give us a call any time at (888) 540-2829, or e-mail us at [email protected]



2. Your clients don't have to log in.

Your session participants will need to download and install VSee once, but they won't have to create an account or log in anywhere in order to videoconference. Each time you create a session, SecureVideo generates a 9-digit access code for them to use, as well as a convenient link. (For more information on how participants join a session, see this article.)



3. Central features at an affordable price.

We started this company with an eye toward creating the workflow we wanted to use ourselves. For this reason, our Dashboard, scheduling features, and virtual waiting rooms are critical to our service and available to all accounts. We also pride ourselves on offering features such as a Business Associate Agreement, branding customizations, or multiple user licenses as part of simple, affordable packages.



Don't stop here--see the full list of SecureVideo's offerings on our plan comparison chart.  After that, why not open a SecureVideo account and reap the benefits of both services? 


If you have further questions on SecureVideo functionality, please feel free to call our sales line at (888) 200-7730, or e-mail us at [email protected]


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