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Published 12/18/2013 at 6:55pm UTC

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1. Log into the website to access your Dashboard, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, where there are three buttons.

New session buttons


  1. New Session Now: Schedule a new session for right now (it will prepopulate the current date and time).
  2. New Scheduled Session: Schedule a new session for a future time (you choose the date and time). 
  3. Orientation Session: Schedule a session with tech support.


If you choose a New Scheduled Session, you will be prompted to select a date (image below and to the left) and time (image below and to the right):

Calendar menu for selecting a session date            Select a session time



2. Once the date and time is selected, or if you chose New Session Now, you will be prompted to enter information for your participant. 

Screencap showing the Add Session Participant form


  • Participant Name or Initials: Enter the name of the invitee (minimum of 2 characters). If you have saved this person in your Contacts list, their name should appear as an autofill once you being typing.
  • Session Invite and Reminders: Select the desired type, and a field will appear for the contact information required. Any contact information saved for this contact will pre-populate. If you would not like to enter contact information for this person, select System should not send invite.) 
  • Participant Time Zone: Choose the time zone your participant is in--this determines the time and date that will be used for their invitation and reminder e-mails or texts (this defaults to the time zone on your account). 


2a. If you have set up Stripe integration and at least one Account Service, you will also see "Click here to require Payment". Clicking on that link will expand the window so that you can select the service and set the price for the session.

Payment setup options 


3. Click the Save button in the lower right-hand corner. 


4. If you would like to add another person, use the "Add Participant" button for this session. 

Add Participant screencap 


You will receive a confirmation email when your participant makes a payment, and the status on your dashboard will also change to note that the fee amount was paid in full:

Paid in full status



 Note: If you choose the option "System should not send invite," you will need to remember to give the access code to the participant. (Their participant tile will have a note "E-mail/Text Not Used," to indicate no invitations have been sent to them.)

If you did not send email invitations, then communicate the 9-digit session Access Code to the invitee over the phone or by other private communication.

E-Mail/Text Not Used status


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