iPhone/iPad: camera and/or mic will not unmute

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Published 03/24/2016 at 7:48pm UTC

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If your camera and/or microphone are not working, and clicking on the camera and/or microphone icon give you the following message: 

Unable to access camera - Allow Zoom to access your camera from device menu: 'Settings' - 'Zoom' - 'Privacy' - 'Camera'             Unable to access microphone - Allow Zoom to access your microphone from device menu: 'Settings' - 'Privacy' - 'Microphone'



Possible Causes

When joining a session for the first time on Zoom, you are prompted to grant permission to access your camera and microphone. If you deny permission, the app remembers, and you CANNOT re-enable the camera/microphone through the app.

Zoom Would Like to Access the Camera - For people to see you during meetings, Zoom needs access to your camera              Zoom Would Like to Access the Microphone - For people to hear you during meetings, Zoom needs access to your microphone



The instructions below use screencaps taken from iOS 11.4.1. If your iOS version varies widely, it may be fastest for you to uninstall and reinstall Zoom, and re-enter the meeting instead, so that you are prompted again to provide permission to access the camera/microphone.




1. Open your "Settings". 





2. Scroll to the bottom and tap on "Zoom".

Zoom or VSee



3. Be sure that the toggles next to "Microphone" and "Camera" are green. 

Toggles next to Microphone and Camera



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