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Published 06/30/2015 at 6:29pm UTC

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How do I use the API to set RSVPs for my session participants?



There is one API method available to set the RSVPs for your session participants:

  • Set RSVP


Set the RSVP for a Session Participant

PUT https://api.securevideo.com/rsvp/12345 (where 12345 is the Participation ID)

 "RSVP": "Confirmed"

Sets the RSVP for the specified Participant, whose ID is specified in the URI. You can use the Session API to retrieve the Participation ID.

The valid values for RSVP are: "Unknown", "Confirmed", and "Declined".

To retrieve the RSVP status for a Participant, use the Session API to retrieve the Session information, in which you will find the RSVP information.

On success, this request will return a 200 Status Code, along with the updated Session object, the format for which can be seen here.



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