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Published 08/23/2016 at 8:44pm UTC

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Screensharing is a useful feature that allows you and your participants to share application windows or your/their desktop. This article illustrates how to share a screen on Zoom.


Zoom allows screen sharing on a desktop, tablet and mobile devices running Zoom.


The host does not need to make someone else a presenter in order to share screen. 


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The host and attendee can share screen by clicking on the "Share Screen" icon.

NOTE: only one person can share screen at a time.





Once you are sharing screen, if you want to share a different screen you simply would click "New Share".


New share


You can choose what you would like to share whether it's your whole "Desktop" or just an "individual application/window".



Note: You can also select to share your "computer's audio" when sharing a video clip such as YouTube or a locally stored video clip.



While you are sharing screen, you will have the option to use several different features. When you click on "Annotate" it will bring up another box with the features, "Draw, Text, Eraser ect."


Once a participant shares their screen, they have the option to grant other participants remote control access (left). Other participants can also Request Remote Control from the Options menu (right). The first participant will have to grant permission before this is allowed, and can revoke permission if they wish to after from the Remote Control menu.

Option to grant remote control                     Request remote control



When you want to stop sharing screen, you would click on the "Stop Share".


Stop screenshare



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