How does SecureVideo work for patients?

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If you're new to SecureVideo and want an overview of how it works for your patients--you're in the right place! (For more details, see the rest of the articles in our Getting Started section.)


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1. Invitation

If you entered contact information for your participant, they will receive an invitation with the option to RSVP and information on how to join.


Sample E-mail Invitation

Invitation email example


Sample Text Message (PLUS feature):

Screencap of a text message invite 




When your patient RSVPs by e-mail, they can test their connection and videoconferencing capability before the session time. (If they RSVP by text message, they will recieve a confirmation text only.)

 Screencap showing confirmation page



3. For Patients with No E-mail

For your patients who don't use e-mail, you can give them their Access Code, and they can go to, click the "Join a Session" button in the upper right-hand corner, and then enter their Access Code. (For more information, see this article.)

Screencap showing where to input the Access Code



4. Videoconferencing Platform

Each first-time patient will be prompted to download our videoconferencing platform, VSee. (Note: clinicians and patients need to install the VSee application, but should NOT create a VSee account. For more details, please see How do I download and install the videoconferencing app?)

Screencap showing the download prompt



5. Enter Waiting Room

When your patient uses the "Enter Waiting Room" button, it will launch the videoconferencing platform, and you can connect to them when you're ready.

Enter Waiting Room button




For more information about this process from the patient's point of view, see


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