What is the difference between SecureVideo and Zoom?

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Published 09/24/2018 at 11:00pm UTC

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First of all, we want to say that Zoom is great--we wouldn't partner with them otherwise!

We use Zoom as one of our videoconferencing app because it offers a secure, end-to-end encrypted connection, and has robust quality audio and video that adjusts even in low-bandwidth environments. Zoom also supports larger group calls. However, the SecureVideo founders did not just want to provide a videoconferencing tool, but to accommodate critical needs that they identified in their own behavioral health practice: the need for highly responsive support, for ease of use by participants, and preventing participants from being joined into the same call.


NOTE: If you already have a personal Zoom account aside from your Securevideo account, you DO NOT log into or launch your personal Zoom account to have a session.




Comprehensive support Email and chat-based support.
Phone support for customers with highest tier plans; callers must identify themselves with meeting ID associated with higher-tier account.
Phone, email, and chat-based support for participants and account holders of any plan. 90% of calls answered within 30 seconds.
Users do not have to provide identification unless directly relevant to their issue.Training and test sessions are available free to any user.
Lower cost Requires a set up fee and high monthly per-user fee to receive a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Business Associate Agreement (BAA) available for as low as $25/user/month.
Avoid no-shows Send invitations yourself by providing a 9-digit meeting ID. Send email or SMS invitations (with automatic reminders) through SecureVideo, or give a unique 9-digit code to each of your participants. Participants are guided through installation and join process.
Future proof Zoom app improves as quickly as its engineering team can manage. SecureVideo has integrated both Zoom and VSee as options for users, and has the framework to seamlessly add other videoconferencing engines as more quality options become available.
Chat outside of sessions Send/receive encrypted text only while in a video session. Send/receive encrypted text or files through your browser–in or out of a video session.
Better auditing Session history includes start date and time of sessions. Session history includes start date, time, participants invited, and duration of meetings.


Don't stop here--see the full list of SecureVideo's offerings on our plan comparison chart.  After that, why not open a SecureVideo account and reap the benefits of both services?



If you have further questions on SecureVideo functionality, please feel free to call our sales line at (888) 200-7730, or e-mail us at [email protected].


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