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Designed for medical education and research, SecureVideo Local Hub is an easy, secure way to create, store and retrieve recordings. 


This article illustrates how to register a new device for users to record with, and assumes your account has available device licenses. If you need additional Device Licenses, please contact our Sales Team by emailing [email protected].


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1. Log into your SecureVideo Account Administrator account.


2. Click on the profile icon and select "Installed Devices".

Recordings -> Devices



3. Click on the "Register New Device" button.

Register New Device button



4. Enter a name to identify this new device (device names should be descriptive and unique). Then click "Register".




This will generate a Device Key for you to use to install Local Hub on a new device. Device keys can only be used for one device; using the same keys on more than one device may result in recording corruption and loss. 


This article was last reviewed by our Support team on November 20, 2017.